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ROASTED SALMON WITH IRISH WHISKEY GLAZE AND MUSHY PEAS There’s nothing like a little Irish whiskey to elevate a simple piece of salmon to the gustatorial heights. It’s easy to get tired of salmon unless you keep changing up the accompanying flavors that enhance it. A little miso and soy sauce, a big squeeze of lime juice – or, in this case, a splash of whiskey – takes the most ordinary slab of fish and turns it into a delicacy […]

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HONEY BLONDIES If you follow this blog regularly you know there are some foods I can never get enough of – ginger, blackberries, meringue, chocolate – and honey. Hmm…that could be a really interesting recipe, with just those ingredients. Somehow I’ve never made a blondie recipe for a post, and I love this one because the honey adds such depth of flavor to what can be a bit of a blah vanilla brownie (if a brownie can be vanilla). Honey […]

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YEAST BISCUITS These lovely, light yeast biscuits are a memory from the first and only time I met my Great Grandmother Rogers. She made fried chicken and biscuits in honor of our visit (I still have the recipe in her slightly wobbly handwriting), and they were a revelation. I was six, and the whole experience was wonderful – to meet a total stranger who was a family member, and so loving and kind as she welcomed us into her little […]

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ZUCCHINI LASAGNA There are times when a hearty Italian meal is the only thing that will satisfy a cold, dark, deep winter appetite. But while the brain is craving lasagna, the hips are saying, “you already can’t fit into your fat jeans!” Here’s the compromise: a lasagna with all its tomato-y, cheesy goodness, but instead of noodles, how about gluten-free zucchini strips? And lots of healthy greens, tomatoes, and herbs instead of meat? You’re going to eat twice as much […]

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CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE When I first learned to cook, my mother started me out on desserts – possibly to engage my culinary interest, or maybe because by the time she got to the end of the meal she had run out of steam and was glad to have someone else do the dessert. Bundt cakes were all the rage back then, and I made them in many forms: lemon, double chocolate, ginger molasses, and even a dark chocolate with coconut […]