cherry quinoa muffins

Cherry and Quinoa Muffins

It takes some imagination to find a filling breakfast food that can be made in advance; often on weekends at our house we have people waking up over the course of several hours. I’m not the cheeriest of early morning cooks, so I prefer to put breakfast together and let guests serve themselves when they wake up, which eliminates me hovering in the kitchen, spatula in hand, waiting to take orders. If you have juice waiting in a pretty pitcher […]

It can be served cold or at room temperature, so it’s a perfect summer buffet salad – and it’s gluten free!


I saw a version of this recipe in a British magazine and was so taken with how beautiful it looked that I had to try it. We don’t have the same kinds of melons available here, so it’s a bit different from the original – but it’s also more interesting than the standard watermelon/feta/cucumber combination. And the pistachios give it such a nice pop of crunchy flavor! This salad was a huge hit (I could tell because the moment it […]


Burrata and Apple Microgreens Salad

I love this salad! It’s like an explosion of summer in your mouth: soft, sweet cheese and crispy green apples, joined with honey and balsamic vinaigrette, topped with crunchy pine nuts and strengthened by the fragrant, earthy taste of microgreens.  I wonder if it’s possible for food to affect the equilibrium, because it made me a little dizzy when I first tasted it. All flavor sensors firing in exaltation can do that to a person! I take no credit for […]