Flowers of Autumn


This is my favorite time of year in the garden. The flowers may no longer be at their best, but the trees and shrubs that have provided their simple green backdrop all summer have changed form and color, letting their berries and fruits deepen into rich autumnal colors of infinite textures and depth. Green becomes gold, or red, or orange; it’s impossible to take a walk without picking up a perfect acorn, a sugar maple leaf of deepest russet, or […]

One of the Petersham flower carts


We’ve been visiting our favorite places in London recently and wanted to share some of them with you. If you’ve been reading AT for a while you know I’ve been a big fan of Petersham Nursery for years, a nursery/restaurant/antique shop just outside London. What heaven – all of my favorite things in one place! They’ve now opened a store in Covent Garden – and two restaurants. It’s all wonderful, but my heart belongs to the original location in Richmond, […]



Tulips are an incredibly versatile flower. They can be as simple as you please, plunked into an old bottle or yogurt jar, or they can be the swans of the flower world, long-necked and elegant, turning toward the sun each morning from inside a gilded vase. I bought a few kinds of tulips and offer them here for your consideration. (And I couldn’t resist the Lenten roses and hyacinths for good measure.) Part of being happy is knowing how to […]



Falalalala-la-la-la-lahhhhhh! It may feel like April but Christmas is just around the corner, and have you ever seen it come up so quickly? It seems like I was just starting to think about pumpkins and cornstalks and it’s already time for wreaths and candles in the window. The Christmas wreath pictured above came about because there wasn’t time to buy a new one. I took the bittersweet off the Thanksgiving grapevine wreath and added dried hydrangea, a few greens from […]