Halloween Popcorn Balls

When I think of Halloween, my mind always turns to popcorn balls, those salty-sweet homespun sweets of my childhood. Our neighbor, Mrs. Snider, was a cheerful old lady with a little white bun on the back of her neck and sensible lace-up shoes that had been fashionable during World War II, and I never saw her without a cotton “farmer’s wife” apron like the ones my grandmother wore. When we showed up on her doorstep on Halloween, she would invite […]


Colored Eggs Made with Natural Dyes

I’ve always wanted to dye eggs using natural foods instead of the little colored pellets from the drugstore that produce bright, BRIGHT Easter eggs. After consulting several websites and books about the best foods to use and how exactly to dye eggs using beets or kale or onion skins (the online instructions for this are pretty vague), I found that a lot of what was suggested didn’t work at all, or it took so long that I would never do […]