Treating People Well

Treating People Well

Tomorrow’s the big day! Treating People Well will be available for sale in stores and online. My friend and co-author, Jeremy Bernard, and I have been working on this book idea for years and it’s hard to believe it’s finally happening . As former White House social secretaries, we had a lot of experience finding the most effective ways to get along with people from many different cultures and walks of life. Our book details the tricks (and lessons) we learned to put others at ease, build friendships and work more effectively with others.

So often people think that social skills are innate – you’re born funny, or you’re born charming – but that’s not necessarily true. Social skills are learned behavior that anyone can employ to make their lives easier, by employing that extra bit of patience or kindness or respect needed to create a connection with another person. Jeremy and I may come from very different political backgrounds, but we firmly agree that everyone deserves to be treated well; we don’t assume the worst about someone because their views are different from our own. We believe there’s more that unites than divides us. Taking that approach can have a surprisingly calming and positive impact on anyone’s daily life.

Here’s the link to our website, if you’d like to read more: Click here!

With thanks to the many, many people who helped us make this book a reality – especially former first lady Laura Bush, who wrote the Foreward for Treating People Well.

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