Jam Hearts


A jam heart is the kind of cookie you’d expect to find resting on a lace doily beside a steaming cup of tea. They look more complicated than they are: all you need are two sizes of the same-shaped cookie cutter, sugar cookie dough, raspberry jam, and powdered sugar. The original Linzer hearts have ground nuts in the dough, are rolled out very thinly, and look exquisitely perfect, but this heart recipe is the kind of cookie that you want […]



Now that we’ve all become used to dark chocolate in a multitude of cacao percentages with elaborate flavors cleverly added for extra oomph, look what’s making a comeback – milk chocolate! How we’ve missed you! The smoothness and sweetness that literally melts in your mouth is a happy, long-forgotten childhood memory. I saw this recipe in a Gourmet magazine issue on comfort foods and was immediately drawn to it. With all of us food bloggers bent on creating new and […]