Spring Panzanella


Hidden within this perfectly delicious spring panzanella salad is a secret ingredient you should know about: toasted croutons, made of sunflower seed bread. The mind reels at how this could change the concept of salad forever; crunchy and substantial, these croutons have heft to them. They make you feel like you’re taking good care of yourself with every bite.

Green Peach Salad


Finding a perfectly ripe peach can be a challenge in a modern grocery store. Hard as rocks, almost impossible to slice, these round objects that pass for peaches are often too green to eat. But wait! Food 52’s Genius Recipes has a groundbreaking green peach salad recipe that makes a virtue of even the hardest, most unappealing peaches. It couldn’t be easier, with a half dozen ingredients (including peaches) which you probably already have in your kitchen. Let the salad […]

Steak Salad


It’s satisfying when a really unusual flavor pairing turns out to be even better than you imagined. Steak and fresh cherries? Really? And celery? And yet it works in a savory-sweet-hot combination that will have you scraping your plate. The cherry juice combines with the steak juices in a way that will make you want to sing! The presentation is gorgeous, all reds and browns and bright green. And then there’s the jalapeño, which makes everything just pop! This makes […]