Gluten Free Candy Bars

Serves: 6-8 Prep time: one hour, plus five hours between steps Note: There is a five-hour wait time between the first and second steps for this recipe. This recipe came from Sunbutter, makers of a vegan sunflower spread. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Sunbutter locally, but I used Earth Balance as a substitute.

Five DIY Christmas Candy Recipes

Five DIY Christmas Candy Recipes

There’s never a better time than the holiday season to fire up the stove and create some homemade gifts. As much as I love a good cookie, there’s something especially toothsome about homemade candy. If you have a candy thermometer, which costs as little as $5, you can make candy at home. It’s much easier than you think, and this is a wide-ranging compilation of recipes, in terms of the level of difficulty. Just take a look: Two of the […]


Wreathed in Smiles

Wreaths, in some form or fashion, are an indelible part of my Christmas memories. When I was a kid we would cut them out of cardboard, glue pieces of macaroni to them, and then paint them gold, to be displayed at the family Christmas Eve party. For years my mother made wreaths of hard candies with her women’s club. They came with a pair of scissors hanging on a red ribbon, and you could help yourself to a piece of […]


Holiday Dinners at the White House

The holiday season is a time of nonstop entertaining at the White House. There was always a series of large dinners for friends and family, and each meal was specially created for that evening, with unique flowers, table settings, and menu cards. Entertainment was provided by one of the excellent military musical groups who performed regularly at the White House. I wanted to share some of the beautiful calligraphy work that was done for these holiday dinners. The little hand-colored […]