Thank You

Thank You

Fruit Pie

Dear friends,

America’s Table has been an expression of my joy in working with food, flowers, and entertaining for the last five years. I’ve loved every minute of it (well, maybe not that time the top came off the blender when I was thinning caramel sauce and blew caramel over everything in a six-foot radius, floor to ceiling). As memorable as it’s been, the time has come for me to turn to other things.

The world is changing and I feel an obligation to do something to make it a better place, in my own small way. That’s why I’m going to be devoting my time to Creatures Great and Small, to help establish basic standards of protection for cats and dogs in America. The way we treat our animals is a reflection of our own humanity, as individuals and as a society. I want us to do better.

So thank you all for your kind comments and funny emails, for sharing your problems and trusting me to give you the right answers. I’m keeping the AT recipe archive online if you’d like to continue to access the recipes. (I use it myself because I never remember to print out my favorites, so please continue to enjoy what has become an online cookbook.)

It’s been truly uplifting to get to know so many wonderful people through America’s Table. My followers are the salt of the earth.

I send you love and sincere wishes for a happy life.

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