A Guide to Farmer's Market Flowers

A Guide to Farmer’s Market Flowers

Aren’t they tempting, those fresh-looking bouquets for sale at farmer’s markets?  The bounty, the color, the variety! And there are always flowers you won’t find at your local florists, because they are seasonal and local, and so much more appealing because of their rarity.  It’s impossible not to be happy with a bouquet of farm market flowers in your tote – until you get them home and they start to wilt before you can get them in a vase… What […]


Quiet Entertaining

Last week we had two couples over for a quiet dinner. It was a spontaneous invitation and there wasn’t much time to plan, so I used the simplest china, linen, silver, and glassware. For flowers, I found some pale green zinnias, seasonal and not expensive, and spread them down the table in a series of different-sized glass vases. The china and glassware were from Crate and Barrel, but the napkins were vintage linen with a big embroidered “B” on them. […]