Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


This time of year makes me think longingly of back-to-school treats, like a really special cookie to nibble on after a frenetic day of school. I liked having enticing snacks waiting for my kids after school, because it would make them slow down long enough to tell me about their day while they ate. It became our routine, and helped me know what was going on with their schoolwork, teachers and friends. Our snacks were generally healthier things, like fruit […]

Chocolate Ginger Squares


Two of my very favorite flavors in one cookie-like bar: what could be more delicious (and not entirely unhealthy!) If you have a look at the ingredients in the bar, it’s oatmeal, coconut oil and other healthy things. How healthy you want to make the chocolate topping depends on whether you use chocolate or cacao. I used a bit of both because as much as I know cacao is healthier, the chocolate tastes better to me. That’s the balance I’m […]

Blueberry Cornmeal Poundcake


Cake is my favorite food. If you follow @americastable on Instagram you know we have a regular feature called ‘Cakes We Have Known and Loved.’ I would add this to my cake pantheon of personal favorites because 1) it has blueberries, 2) it’s not cloyingly sweet and 3) the mascarpone cheese makes it oh-so-smooth and rich. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to really create a recipe for the blog rather than passing along good recipes from other […]

Almond Elderflower and Lime Travel Cakes


Food and Wine magazine had a great take on a travel cake recently – those mouthwatering little cakes you find all over Europe in bakeshops and patisseries, meant for picnics, road trips, or charming hostess gifts. This recipe is for an almond, elderflower and lime cake, and they remind me of the little cakes my Bohemian grandmother used to make when the city relatives would come to visit us country cousins. These cakes can be flavored any way you like […]

Jam Hearts


A jam heart is the kind of cookie you’d expect to find resting on a lace doily beside a steaming cup of tea. They look more complicated than they are: all you need are two sizes of the same-shaped cookie cutter, sugar cookie dough, raspberry jam, and powdered sugar. The original Linzer hearts have ground nuts in the dough, are rolled out very thinly, and look exquisitely perfect, but this heart recipe is the kind of cookie that you want […]