Chocolate Coconut Pound Cake


There’s something about the rich texture of a pound cake that is unmistakably wonderful. Whatever the flavor, it’s so appealing you just want to eat the whole piece immediately, washed down with a glass of milk, so you can get to the second piece right away. The combination of buttermilk and chocolate in this pound cake makes it so smooothhh. It’s like a Swiss milk chocolate candy bar in cake form. It’s a Halloween dessert for adults, luscious and deceptively […]

Chocolate Brownie Cookies


When (another) rainy day and a chocolate craving take place simultaneously, a chocolate cookie recipe can’t be far behind. This one from an old issue of Bon Appetit is both heavenly and ridiculously easy. It’s a cross between a cookie and a brownie – the egg whites give it a chewy texture that contrasts beautifully with the deep chocolate flavor – and the cacao nibs provide an aftertaste of chocolate that immediately makes you think you need to eat another […]

Almond Butter Fudge


Sometimes it can be intimidating to see the amazing things food bloggers are doing. You can’t help but think, “I can never make a pie that looks like that.” And you’re probably right, because some earnest soul spent two days hours cutting tiny dots of pastry dough to be painstakingly placed in perfect concentric rings on a rhubarb/pomegranate/frangipane pie. Beautiful to see, impossible to replicate, so I stick to things I think people might actually try to cook. This is […]

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


This time of year makes me think longingly of back-to-school treats, like a really special cookie to nibble on after a frenetic day of school. I liked having enticing snacks waiting for my kids after school, because it would make them slow down long enough to tell me about their day while they ate. It became our routine, and helped me know what was going on with their schoolwork, teachers and friends. Our snacks were generally healthier things, like fruit […]

Chocolate Ginger Squares


Two of my very favorite flavors in one cookie-like bar: what could be more delicious (and not entirely unhealthy!) If you have a look at the ingredients in the bar, it’s oatmeal, coconut oil and other healthy things. How healthy you want to make the chocolate topping depends on whether you use chocolate or cacao. I used a bit of both because as much as I know cacao is healthier, the chocolate tastes better to me. That’s the balance I’m […]