Lunch on Toast

These two open-faced sandwiches are the kind of food that take the hipster phrase “on toast” and give it real meaning. The first one, a ricotta, nectarine, and prosciutto sandwich, came from my daughter, who spent six weeks in Italy a number of years ago, taking full advantage of the language (read: culinary) education she received there. She gained a pound a week, eating six meals a day, including one of these sandwiches in tramezzini form, and said it was […]

Matzoh Ball Soup on

My Matzoh Ball Soup Quest

This recipe has been over twenty years in the making. I didn’t come naturally to the matzoh ball, growing up in a small Midwestern town. (In fact, I’m pretty sure my husband was the first Jewish person my mother ever met.) This was one of those meals I wanted to learn when we got married, because I knew my husband loved matzoh ball soup, and Washington is not oversubscribed with delis. His mother told me the secret to a great […]

5 Frantically Fast Tailgating Recipes on America's Table

Five Frantically Fast Tailgating Recipes

There are times when the preparation of food should be slow and savored.  And then there are times when fast and easy favorites are all anybody wants – especially the cook! This tailgate picnic can be assembled in the time it takes to pop some popcorn, heat up soup, grill a sausage, and throw a batch of cookies in the oven.  It just takes a little advance work (as we used to call it in the White House), and a […]