July Blues

July Blues

There’s something magical about blue flowers. True blue – real blue – is not easily found in flowers, and they don’t seem to grow just anywhere, or for anyone. A morning glory is such a simple flower, with its delicate Madonna-blue spirals, but when was the last time you saw one? They favor sunny spots, moist soil, and a rusty mailbox or old copper downspout to climb to make them perfectly happy.  They flourish in the summer, when their color is strong and vibrant, like a summer sky.

From the palest shades of the rare Tweedia to the neon blue of some varieties of delphinium, they are a delight to the soul. Here are a number of ‘blues’ arranged in various ways, including one old photo from a party we gave years ago, where we went a little crazy with the delphinium. I hope you find some inspiration!

July blues, photo 1

July blues, photo 2
Forget me nots
July blues, photo 3
July blues, photo 5
July blues, photo 6 (1)
Delphinium and Hosta
July blues, photo 6
July blues, photo 7
July blues, photo 8
Delphinium and Teucrium
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