Chicken with Chinese Leeks on

Chicken with Chinese Leeks

I went grocery shopping at an Asian market the other day, just to see what the produce was like, and had an eye-opening experience. Just 20 minutes from home, the Good Fortune Market in Arlington, VA, was enormous, immaculate, and full of exotic and enticing raw material for cutting-edge food. My goal was to find some Chinese flowering leeks for this chicken and leeks recipe, but I started taking photos, buying fruit, ogling the live seafood in their aquaria, and […]

Four Allium Soup on

Four Allium Soup

I’m always looking for the best version of certain food classics – the meals that are as much about the memory of a satisfying meal as they are its actual flavor. For me, onion soup is one of those foods. When I first moved to Washington after college, with a take-home pay of $267 every two weeks, I used to buy a can of onion soup, a small baguette and some inexpensive (waxy) cheese, and make myself onion soup for […]