WHITE HOUSE EGGNOG on Americas-Table.com

Fox and Friends

If you tuned into Fox and Friends this morning, we talked about a few of my favorite holiday recipes on the show. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does! White House Eggnog  Chocolate Sea Salt Shortbread Cookies  Barbecued Ginger Molasses Pulled Pork Tenderloin

BEET SALAD on Americas-Table.com

Beet Salad with Horseradish Créme Fraiche

I had a version of this beet salad on a recent trip to London, and couldn’t wait to come home and try it myself. Beets and horseradish have always been a good combination; when you add a flavorful mix of young greens and beet greens, and garnish with scallions and pine nuts, the whole mélange is just so good! It does take an hour to roast the beets, but the rest of it is as easy as making salad dressing […]

GIFTING BACK on Americas-Table.com

Gifting Back

We’re officially into the last-minute shopping time of the year, and in my house, that means looking for gifts for my girls. It’s been such a crazy holiday season that I didn’t have time to do a gift guide – see last year’s here – but I was asked to be a tastemaker for To The Market, a wonderful website of survivor-made goods that allows you to shop by cause or country, so you know that what you’re giving is also […]

BLOOMING CHRISTMAS on Americas-Table.com

Blooming Christmas

What a feast for the senses the flowers and evergreens of Christmas are! This year I’ve been unusually short on time and didn’t have the option of a leisurely comb through the cold rooms of the floral wholesalers. Much of my Christmas flower shopping was done at the grocery store – the apples, cinnamon, and astilbes came from Safeway and Whole Foods! The rosemary wreath was a very thoughtful hostess gift from one of my daughter’s friends. With a little doctoring, these basic ingredients became homey and […]

Bourbon Cake

Bourbon Cake

There are two recipes in this post because I just couldn’t decide which one I liked better. The original plan was for a simple bourbon bundt cake, moist and redolent of alcohol, like a fruit cake without the sticky fruit and soft nuts. But then I found a recipe for a chocolate bourbon cake that I made for Thanksgiving and liked so much that I couldn’t leave it out. (The photos are of the bourbon bundt cake; I forgot to […]