Tiny Plants on Americas-Table.com

Tiny Plants

There’s something so appealing about a tiny plant, and I must not be the only person who thinks so; every nursery or florist shop seems to be selling these adorable little greens in all their minimalist glory. Maybe it’s a reaction to the post-holiday excess of material goods, maybe it’s because they’re inexpensive, or maybe it’s because it’s an innocent indulgence to enjoy for ourselves. You can put a little plant on your desk or bedside table, near the kitchen […]


Soft Honey and Ginger Tea Cookie

This is one of those delicious cake-like cookies that are a bit old-fashioned, the sort of thing you might be served at tea with the Dowager Duchess of Grantham. I love this cookie because it’s festive and unusual. Honey is more a sweetener than a flavor, so honey cookies can be a little bland, but the honey in the soft and shiny frosting comes through like the warm buzz of honey bees hard at work on a midsummer’s day – […]

Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips on Americas-Table.com

Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips

One of my favorite snacks is a sea salt and vinegar potato chip; there is nothing quite so tangy and crisp. After a particularly unhealthy day of travel, when breakfast was a chocolate-covered granola bar and lunch was string cheese and an ossified apple, I treated myself to a bag of sea salt and vinegar chips. Who knew vinegar could have such an amazing effect on the stomach? Apparently almost everyone, but it was news to me. Vinegar increases the […]


He-Man Veggie Burger

It’s time to redress the excesses of the past few weeks with some clean eating! I find most veggie burgers disappointing; they either lack texture or lack taste, and you can’t fake it by adding barbecue sauce to the mix. Here’s a veggie burger that I can get on board with – the trick comes from SeriousEats.com (thank you!): they roast the black beans in the oven before assembling the burger. This takes the moisture (and hence the mushiness) out […]