Manners for Kids

Many years ago, while out shopping with my four-year-old daughter, I ran into an elderly friend and stopped to chat. There was a large fake rubber tree that was part of a clothing display nearby, which Liddy started to climb. I tried to catch her eye to make her stop, and kept throwing her dirty looks as I attempted to keep the conversation going with my friend. Liddy looked up at me and said loudly, “Why are you looking at […]


Toddler Breakfast

Finger food is especially appealing to small children who are able to feed themselves, but haven’t yet mastered the use of a knife and fork. I’m for anything that encourages kids to feed themselves and give them confidence at the table. This is a really simple way to offer a ‘serve yourself’ breakfast or brunch to a group of toddlers – just some good old-fashioned buttermilk waffles served with small pieces of bacon and fresh berries – all arranged on […]


Blackberry White Chocolate Muffins

Sometimes you know a recipe is going to work even before you start mixing up the ingredients. What could ever be bad about blackberries and white chocolate, right? I found this recipe in Country Life magazine, my bimonthly fix of all things English, and thought the combination would be irresistible. What a scrumptious late afternoon treat with a cup of tea, or a perfect addition to a late weekend brunch! They’re sweet, with a very fine, cake-like texture that would […]


Matt Wendel’s Stacked Cheese Enchiladas

It’s Tex-Mex Thursday on America’s Table, with a kid-pleasing breakfast recipe from our favorite Texas chef, Matt Wendel. Cheese enchiladas with a yummy fried egg oozing deliciously all over the melty goodness and seasoned with salsa and guac – what could be better? This definitely falls into the ‘breakfast for dinner’ category also, and is a very fast and filling meal. Matt writes: These stacked enchiladas make a very quick and simple dinner that I would sometimes serve the President […]


Colored Eggs Made with Natural Dyes

I’ve always wanted to dye eggs using natural foods instead of the little colored pellets from the drugstore that produce bright, BRIGHT Easter eggs. After consulting several websites and books about the best foods to use and how exactly to dye eggs using beets or kale or onion skins (the online instructions for this are pretty vague), I found that a lot of what was suggested didn’t work at all, or it took so long that I would never do […]