Roasted Spring Vegetables

ROASTED SPRING VEGETABLES I love this time of year for it’s newness: baby birds, tender shoots of green leaves everywhere, and all the tiny spring vegetables that are bursting with flavor and full of life-giving nutrients. Suddenly there are little new potatoes, so firm and sweet, baby peas and fava beans, young carrots and fresh spring thyme – what could be better on an Easter Sunday buffet, lined up invitingly next to a honeyed ham and a big plate of […]


Mustard Chicken with Radishes

MUSTARD CHICKEN WITH RADISHE If you have half an hour to spend on dinner, this is a brilliant way to use the time. A new take on a chicken dinner is always welcome, and I love how spicy and clever this dish is. The combination of mustard and radishes will wake up your tastebuds, though I love radishes in any and all forms. (My personal favorite is radishes with butter and sea salt on toasted brioche – heaven!) And how […]


Blueberry Grapefruit Muffins

BLUEBERRY GRAPEFRUIT MUFFINS These muffins have a lot going on – blueberries, grapefruit juice (with a little pulp thrown in for texture), poppy seeds, and yogurt. I was feeling experimental, and this is one of those recipes that makes me think I should follow my instincts more often. It’s breakfast in a muffin tin: juice, fruit, and carbs, and there’s no need for butter because they already have so much flavor. These were gone in a few seconds, though I […]


Son of a Bee

SON OF A BEE Hinoki and the Bird is one of my favorite places to eat in Los Angeles. It’s a Japanese-meets-American-small-plates restaurant that seems to get everything right, from the gorgeous cocktails to the smoky hinoki black cod. I had a son of a bee-sting there not long ago and fell in love – but it’s not a cocktail that is widely known, so I’ve learned to make it myself. (If you’re a Ron Burgundy fan, you’ll recognize this […]