Brownie Texture?

Thank you for your amazing blog! My question is about brownies. Mine always turn out too cake-like in texture. What is the best recipe for a really fudge-y brownie? Thank you!


Hi Annie!

Fudgy brownie recipes usually don’t have baking powder, and using only the egg yolk in the batter tends to make it heavier.  I would mix the batter just enough to combine it – you don’t want a lot of air in the batter.  You also get a fudgier brownie by using dark chocolate, but the really easy way to get a fudgey brownie – even from a mix – is to take the brownies out of the oven a few minutes before they are fully baked.  And eat them while they’re still warm.  That’s the best.

If you’re really into a fudgey brownie, the ultimate is a steamed chocolate pudding.  It is a heavenly melding of pudding/brownie that is made in England, and well worth the extra time and effort.  I’m working on this recipe for a future post, so I hope you’ll stay tuned.  Thanks for asking! Xo Lea

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