Product for Sale?

How can I buy your product?

I’m getting lots of questions about how to buy my “product.”  I don’t have an apple orchard and I’m not selling anything.  I just like to share some of the things I’ve learned about cooking and manners and entertaining.  But all these requests are certainly flattering!  I’d like to write a cookbook someday, and maybe then I’ll have a product.

If I did sell food products, I would want them to be organic and non-GMO.  Yes, it’s more expensive, and yes there is government oversight of “allowable” amounts of toxins in our food – but what happens when we ingest all of those individual “allowable” amounts of toxins from different foods, and they build up in our bodies?   Food security and food safety are issues that have been largely ignored in this country, and it is an important part of our most fundamental right: life.  When the founding fathers wrote about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I don’t think they envisioned obese Americans weakened by poor nutrition, empty calories, and processed foods.

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