Ritzy Bee Events

There are some extraordinarily inventive event planners out there – a whole new generation of people with fresh ideas and great execution, and from time to time I want to share the beautiful work that so many of them are doing.  Ritzy Bee Events is an event design, planning and production firm specializing in custom wedding experiences in the Washington DC area – and also happens to be one of my absolute favorite blogs.  With fifteen years of event experience […]


Heavenly Hydrangeas

My friend, Susie Poneman, owns and manages a floral design studio in the Washington, DC area called Heavenly Hydrangeas.  Her business grew from a love of entertaining and gardening; in fact, she has over 100 of the flowers in her home garden and took the name of her business from her own heavenly hydrangeas.  Since 2005, when a donation of flower arrangements to a charity auction received such rave reviews she was encouraged to begin her business, she and her team of […]


Summer Greens

I would always rather be outdoors than indoors. In the summer in Washington, that’s not always pleasant. Even the dogs don’t want to go for a walk in the dripping humidity, and who can blame them, in their fur coats?  In the absence of bearable temperatures, the next best thing is to bring some of the outdoors inside, and there’s nothing more coolly appealing than green and white floral arrangements. These two arrangements are unusual, because – as you may […]


Contain Yourself!

The containers you choose for flower arrangements can make as much of a contribution to the visual impact of an arrangement as the flowers themselves do. To demonstrate, we’ve used the same flowers in four different containers to show how a little thing like using a basket instead of a vase (or a box, or even a hat!) can completely change the feel of the flowers. And by “we”, I mean my longtime friend and house manager, Nelly Salvacion and […]


Red, White and Blue flowers

Red, White and Blue flowers…. are tricky. One of the things I’ve seen an awful (emphasis on the awful) lot of in my event planning career are red, white and blue flower arrangements. Inaugurals, fundraisers, campaign events – everyone wants to be patriotic with the flowers, which is great except that the arrangements always seem a bit off. It’s not impossible to get a beautiful r, w, and b bouquet, but it’s much better to work with two of the […]