Black Tie at the White House


Last week, President and Mrs. Obama hosted a reception in honor of Ford’s Theatre, the historic theatre used for various stage performances beginning in the 1860s, and the site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  I’m posting some photos from the White House reception, to illustrate the level of detail that goes into the planning of a really good party.  That extra bit of ivy tucked into the flower arrangements, the careful placement of the canapés on the silver tray, the classical music provided by the President’s Own, the Marine Band; it all comes together to create a memorable party.   Any party can be made special by attention to these little touches.


Ford’s Theatre is an important part of Washington’s cultural landscape.  If you’re visiting Washington, don’t forget to put Ford’s Theatre on your to-do list; the theater, museum, Peterson House, and the Center for Education and Leadership are open for visits, and they provide an illuminating view of both the man and his legacy.  Ford’s also produces four original theater productions each year.


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