Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

I have never had so much fun writing a post in my life! There are so many gift guides circulating for the holidays that it must be tempting to give this one a pass – but please don’t! Ideas for hostess gifts and his- and hers- categories are fine, but what do you about the person on your giving list who is really difficult to buy for? They’re quirky, eccentric, or just not someone who seems interested in gifts, yet you want to wow them, and give them something they will always remember.

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s good to think outside of the box of normal gift-giving for these people. For example, when I was 11, one of my cousins gave me a book of poetry for Christmas. There among the flannel pajamas and plaid headbands was an actual piece of literature. No one had ever thought to give me such a gift before. I loved it, and I still have it.

Herewith is a list of unusual items, all available online, that may help you solve your shopping dilemmas:

For an avid Gardener –

A holiday appropriate specialty:

-Frankincense and Myrrh Bulb Garden, $49.99,

For those Gluten-free Friends who suffer as they watch you eat a muffin –

Give them something of their own that they can nosh on happily. (Also good enough to give to friends who just say they’re gluten-free.)

-Manhattan Fruitier Cake Box, $59.50,

For a Prickly boss –

This is a little passive-aggressive jab of a gift, if you’re planning a job switch, or simply feel a little reckless :

-Small Garden Cactus, $29.95

But if you really like your boss-

These have the softest, richest frosting. My favorite cookie!

-Cheryl’s Cookies, $34.99 and up

For good little girls –

Every girl deserves some bunny to love!

-Mr. Sweet Bun, $38,

For good little boys (and also girls) –

A crafty way to build interest in both painting and nature

-Paint your own birdhouse kit, $20,

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!

-Azure sailing ship kite, $42,

For the Mailman, who gets barked at every day through the mail slot –

-A fifth of Bird Dog Bourbon, which comes in assorted flavors and has no bite at all. $17

Hanukkah Surprise – 

Hannukah and mice? I don’t know, but if bunnies can be associated with Easter, why can’t we have cute little Hannukah mice?

-Burdick’s Hannukah Mice, $48,

The “I didn’t think we were exchanging gifts this year” gift (everyone needs to have a couple of these on hand) –

-Pinwheel tea candle in festival holiday colors, $27.

-Delicious trio of American Spoon preserves: cherry, strawberry and peach –

Teacher gifts with a strict dollar amount limit –

-An apple for the teacher that she’ll really love: Mrs. Prindable’s Milk Chocolate Caramel Apple, $23.99.

For a good long soak after a hard day at school –

-Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Bath Salts, $4.95,

For elderly friends or relatives who live far away –

This is a clever compilation of recipes and accompanying music, to turn any meal into a festive occasion.

 -Menus and Music CDs and recipes, set of 4, $46,

For the friend who can’t get enough of Jane Austen and Downton Abbey –

Two DVD sets that will satisfy that Darcy craving, and envelop them in a cozy English period piece.

-Call the Midwife DVD Set, Seasons 1-3, $88.98,

-Death Comes to Pemberley DVD, $21.98,

For the grandmotherly type –

Every girl, whatever her age, likes to feel pretty in a feminine nightgown

-French knotted roses smocked nightie, $69.95,

For the preppy cousin beginning her second semester at college –

A chic way to tote those books, tablets, empty latte cups and half-eaten granola bars.

-Monogrammed suede tote bag, $129,

For the ironic toddler who has everything –

This toddler needs parents who have seen “Animal House” and will appreciate the shirt for what it is.

-“Preschool” sweatshirt, $32,

For the darling pooch you leave behind when you go to work every day –

This monthly box of treats and activities will keep your dog busy while you’re out working hard to keep him in the style he’s become accustomed to.

-The Bark Box, $19/month,

For World War II history buffs –

This is the latest top secret British military ops story come to light

-Churchill’s Secret Warriors by Damien Lewis, $19.32,

For your Earth-loving friend –

Help him help the earth.

-Heifer International Earth Gift Basket, $60,

For the unabashed Christmas Lover –

This is a Christmas gift for rock and rollers.

-Bunny Holly stocking, $50,

For the person who thinks you can never over-decorate at Christmas –

-Kringle Coal Company Pillow, $19.95,

For the animal lovers –

Save a dog or cat for Christmas in their name.

-A donation to the ASPCA, $25. and up

For the niece with the ear cartilage ring and tiny tat –

This hippie-chic ring/bracelet adornment is coolly subtle.

-Kitten Mitten bracelet, $56,

For the organic oenophile –

This is a tough category to fill, but here it is: beautiful organically-shaped glass decanters.

-Organic Wine Carafe, $45,

For the clean freak –

You know who she is – the one who’s always sniffing at her kitchen sponges, and windexing her computer screen.

-Sponge Bath sponge cleaner, $29.99,

For the chocolate lover in a Love-Hate relationship with sugar –

This satisfies a craving in a way that allows their conscience to rest easy.

-Edelweiss sugar free dark and light assortment of chocolates, $45,

For tree lovers –

A gift to last several lifetimes.

-Pine, oak, magnolia and other young trees for sale, $35,

 For kids who love to bake –

This little thing will ratchet up the Christmas excitement to a feverish pitch.

-Crate and Barrel “Baked for Santa” cookie stamp, $7.95,

Cutting Edge Cooks –

Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? A double-width half-mitten for taking things out of the oven. Genius!

-Linen Oven Mitten, $18.50,

-Berry Bowl from Collyer Mansion –

This bowl is for draining berries beautifully – a difficult thing to find, $48,

If you love a substantial mug for hot sweet drinks, from Ben Pentreath:

-Hunslet Footed Mugs, $25.88,

And finally, for the person who has everything –

-Make a donation in their name to Heifer International, and help a needy family change their lives, $20 and up,

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