Packages for the Troops

Packages for the Troops

You probably didn’t realize that there are still several thousand American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan this holiday season, in addition to American troops stationed in many other parts of the world.  Some of them read this blog, and to them I want to say thank you for your service, and we miss you! Packages for the Troops

I hope to encourage everyone else to send them a little reminder of home this Christmas.   Don’t forget that there are still military personnel in hospitals around the country, spending long months recovering from injuries sustained during their service.  There are so many ways to be helpful.  If you go to the link below, you will find a list of Volunteer Service Organizations via the website.

You can send a package, make a donation, or just write a letter to let them know you’re thinking of them.  Here are a few you can contact directly:

If you would like to put together a care package, below is a list of useful items to include.  (Please note that the US Postal Service will not deliver a package addressed to “Any Service Member”.   It is best to work through a volunteer service organization,

Please send in small quantities.  Things like chocolate do not ship well.

Hand written cards/notes (even if just a few lines) or cool pictures that can be hung up in an office or tent


Oral B Brush-ups


Burts Bees or other small ‘translucent’ type lip/skin products

Sticky notes – colorful (small/medium)

Black ink writing pens

Colorful pens/markers

Holiday decorations throughout the year

Old/new magazines

Hard candy – cinnamon, butterscotch

Bubble Gum

Small pillows

Small/individual blankets

Towels  (the quick dry kind are helpful)

Small floor mats/rugs

Shower shoes of various sizes

T-shirts, shorts and “lounging clothes”

Head phones

Beanie babies that can be handed out to local children



Small backpacks/bags

Individual snacks, fruit cups, granola bars, trail mixes – anything that is individually wrapped.

Toiletries – small size

AT&T calling cards

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