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Wedding Gifts

People seem to have anxiety about giving wedding gifts, and rightfully so.  I was shocked to read on one wedding website that the average amount of money spent on a wedding gift is well over $100.  This has to be a dilemma for young people whose friends are getting married in droves; a young woman I know has been invited to thirteen weddings this year!  How is she supposed to pay her rent and still buy 13 wedding gifts? This […]

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“Tastes Like A Spa Drink”

said Nickie, my friend and fitness trainer, as we fast-walked through Georgetown one morning and she talked me through a recipe for cucumber vodka with basil.  Nickie lives in Louisiana.  I think it’s important to mention this, because if you’ve seen my photo you must think she’s not very good at her job.  In truth, she’s aces as a fitness trainer, but since we work out together a couple of times a YEAR, well, you see the problem.  You might […]