Cauliflower Pizza


Okay, so a cauliflower pizza is hardly a new idea, but I was skeptical of a pizza crust made of cauliflower. Sounds more like the pizza box you throw away – cardboard with a smell of tomatoes clinging to it. But a cauliflower pizza is very healthy, and with the addition of cheese it turned out to be a beautiful thing.

Smoked Salmon Pizza


This was the pizza to revolutionize all pizzas. Wolfgang Puck’s ingenuity in pizza toppings back in the eighties changed forever how we eat pizza today. He was the first to recognize the incredible versatility of pizza dough, and to see it as a basis for almost any ingredient – pineapple, kale, ham – it all began with this simple recipe for smoked salmon pizza with caviar and crème fraiche. I had forgotten all about this pizza until I saw the […]