“And I think this word ‘sallet’ was born to do me good…” – Henry IV, Part II When I worked at the White House, the Bushes held a dinner one year to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday. The menu card contained a quotation from Shakespeare to accompany each course, and this quote from Henry IV came from the salad course. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun planning a dinner, pouring through Shakespeare quotations looking for just the right one. (Dessert: […]



SRIRACHA SESAME BEEF SKEWERS Sriracha is the chili sauce of the moment, an import from Thailand wildly embraced by every American fast food outlet from Applebee’s to White Castle. That doesn’t mean you should pass it by; on the contrary, sriracha is everywhere because it’s a howling wake-up call for the tastebuds. It doesn’t have to make tears stream down your face; used judiciously, it adds texture and heat that elevates a dish exotically. I added sriracha to my favorite […]



VEGETARIAN PAD THAI It’s time for some clean eating! After too many nibbles on every cookie, cake, nut roll, popcorn ball, and eggnog milkshake that came within reach, my jeans will no longer zip. It was fun while it lasted… So if you’re having a similar post-holiday experience, here’s a recipe that will help get things back on track. This vegetarian Pad Thai recipe is full of crunchy greens, freshly-scrambled eggs, and livened with a tangy squirt of lime juice. […]



My husband’s been home with the flu, and I wanted to cook something comforting for him, so I made his favorite tuna casserole. When he was a little boy his mother made tuna casserole in a yellow cast iron pan, a mix of tuna, Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, and a sprinkle of crushed canned onion rings on top. (She wasn’t much of a cook, but he retains fond memories of her tuna casserole.) This casserole is made with fresh […]

Mustard Sage Pork Shoulder on

Mustard Sage Pork Shoulder

There’s something so satisfying about a tender cut of pork, redolent, juicy, and hot out of the oven. This recipe delivers on all the deep, rich flavors of fall – sage, mustard and a hint of marjoram to keep things interesting. Spoon these scrumptious morsels into a bowl over mashed potatoes or turnips, drizzle a little of the pan juices on top, and settle back on the couch to watch that favorite TV show you’ve been looking forward to all […]