Here are a few fall flower arrangements to help make your All Hallows’ Eve a little more special.

Halloween Flowers

Halloween is coming, and the urge to decorate a pumpkin, throw a party, or just arrange a ghoulish flower arrangement for the entry hall table is upon me. Halloween is the most unserious holiday there is, and that’s why I love it. It is the best opportunity of the year to embrace your inner child: dress in costume, eat too much candy, get silly, and take a night off from the very solemn business of being an adult. Here are […]


Hot Chocolate with Tiny Meringues

One of my daughters has been in Paris for work this week, which caused us to reminisce about our first family trip there and what had impressed her most as a child. She mentioned the two-level carousel near the Eiffel Tower, and a toy store called Au Nain Bleu, where they sold Marie Antoinette costumes and doll-sized tea sets in wicker picnic baskets (because who doesn’t want to have a tea party with their favorite doll, while dressed as Marie […]


Pasta with Pumpkin and Heirloom Tomatoes

This pasta is the essence of the season – the Kumato tomatoes and fresh pumpkin cubes are like autumn leaves nestled among the green of the arugula and the soft brown of the whole wheat linguine. It’s a warm and comforting meal for a night when the wind is rising and you’re cozy indoors with someone you love. If you want to add protein, some crisply-fried and drained bacon can be crumbled in, which makes this meal even more addictive. […]


Sweet Potato Tarts

I love a good family recipe, and this one is just wonderful! Sweet potato pie is an all-American favorite, and this version from the Gaspard family is smooth, rich, and melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious. The dough is very crisp, and a nice contrast to the texture of the sweet potato, which has a custardy consistency that is just plain elegant. The garnish – a few coins of cooked sweet potato sprinkled with sugar and browned in the oven – add a toothsome […]