Flower High

FLOWER HIGH Going to the flower market is such a gift for the senses; it’s impossible to walk through the chilly warehouse without feeling blissed out by the sight, smell, and vast bounty of the blooms. No matter how long the to-do list, or what else is on my mind, the flowers quietly demand attention, a moment to be grateful for being in this place among such beauty. Rather than taking photos of just one bouquet, here’s what it feels […]


Sandwich Suppers

SANDWICH SUPPERS You know those nights when you come home and you’re too tired to cook, but you’re really, really hungry, and you can’t stand the idea of another pizza? If you can muster enough energy to build a sandwich, these two mouthwatering beauties will leave you feeling fat and happy, as they say in the South. I love both of these sandwiches: they have such a rich variety of ingredients that you are never left feeling as if you […]


Roasted Salmon with Irish Whiskey Glaze and Mushy Peas

ROASTED SALMON WITH IRISH WHISKEY GLAZE AND MUSHY PEAS There’s nothing like a little Irish whiskey to elevate a simple piece of salmon to the gustatorial heights. It’s easy to get tired of salmon unless you keep changing up the accompanying flavors that enhance it. A little miso and soy sauce, a big squeeze of lime juice – or, in this case, a splash of whiskey – takes the most ordinary slab of fish and turns it into a delicacy […]


Honey Blondies

HONEY BLONDIES If you follow this blog regularly you know there are some foods I can never get enough of – ginger, blackberries, meringue, chocolate – and honey. Hmm…that could be a really interesting recipe, with just those ingredients. Somehow I’ve never made a blondie recipe for a post, and I love this one because the honey adds such depth of flavor to what can be a bit of a blah vanilla brownie (if a brownie can be vanilla). Honey […]