Gazpacho Shots with Mustard Cream

I love multi-purpose recipes, and I love re-purposing the kitchen accessories and serving pieces I have to make the most of them – and this recipe does both. The gazpacho is smooth in texture but strong in flavor, and while it makes a great appetizer – particularly with the addition of a mustard cream garnish (a great recipe from The Paris Cookbook by Patricia Wells) – I found that adding some vodka to the mix gave me a whole new […]

Cheese Plates on

Cheese and Other Heavenly Foods

A cheese plate can be one of the most creative, exciting, and inventive things you can make. Even if you don’t know how to boil water, you can still assemble a mind-blowing cheese plate that will have your friends scraping the cutting board for more. It’s an opportunity to let your food imagination run wild – no more boring cubes of bland cheeses on even-blander crackers! Get crazy with it, try a few new things, and include some of the […]

Matt Wendel’s Superbowl Salsa on

Matt Wendel’s Superbowl Salsa

Can you imagine a Superbowl without salsa and chips? I definitely can’t, and that’s why I’m so excited to have Matt Wendel’s dry-roasted Ancho Chili Salsa recipe to share today. If you read America’s Table regularly, you know that Matt worked for President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush at Camp David, as well as at the Bush ranch in Texas, and he is a wizard of Tex-Mex cooking. For Tex-Mex Thursday (and Superbowl Sunday!) here’s what Matt has to […]