Calligraphy in the Nation’s Capital

Calligraphy in the Nation’s Capital

There are some very fine calligraphers in Washington, possibly because there is a steady demand for formal invitations, menu cards, place cards, programs, and official certificates.  My friend Lee Ann Clark lives on a farm in Stevenson, Maryland and produces beautiful calligraphy for the Vice President’s Residence, the National Gallery, the Department of State, embassies, weddings, and private parties.  Lee Ann does the calligraphy work for our formal parties at home as well as making our holiday cards.  And she’s the only calligrapher I know who brings a gift of fresh eggs when she delivers her work!

Lee Ann is a graphic designer who took up calligraphy after starting her family, to allow her to work from a home studio.   In 2003 they moved to Baltimore, to her husband’s family property, where they have an egg and poultry operation, with pastured, free-range chickens and heritage turkeys.  In addition to her other clients, she also works through local stationers, the Alpine Creative Group in New York, and Real Card Studio in Seattle, WA.

I want to share some examples of her work because the various styles she is capable of creating  seem endless.   If you’re familiar with the work of calligrapher Bernard Maisner, you will love Lee Ann’s style!  It swoops, flies, and dives up and down with such verve and style!  When a guest opens one of her invitations, they know that they’re in for a very special event.



Calligraphy in the Nation's Capital

Calligraphy in the Nation's Capital

If you’d like to contact Lee Ann, her email address is

Social Secretary’s Tip:  If you are wondering what to do with your menucard once dinner begins, you have two options: you can slip it under your plate and leave it there throughout dinner, or you can put it on your lap, under your napkin.

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