White House Christmas 2015

White House Christmas 2015

One of the perks of being a former White House Social Secretary is that we’re invited back for a Christmas luncheon each year by current White House Social Secretary, Deesha Dyer. It’s a chance to dish with my friends, admire the holiday decorations, and enjoy the warm hospitality of Deesha and the White House staff. We had a beautiful dessert service in the Green Room (with visits from White House Executive Chefs Cris Comerford and Susie Morrison), after lunch in the Ward Room of the White House Mess. We were greeted by the first dogs, had hellos and hugs with the Residence staff we worked with before, and enjoyed the White House as guests – a very different – and utterly lovely! – experience. Here are some photos from that day, with extra thanks to Deesha Dyer and the White House Residence Staff for making it possible. Happy Christmas!

White House Christmas 2015

White House Christmas 2015 on Americas-Table.comSnow families cheerily welcoming guests in the First Lady’s Garden

White House Christmas 2015 on Americas-Table.comSunny and Bo’s holiday corner

White House Christmas 2015 on Americas-Table.comA cheerful Christmas display

White House Christmas 2015State Dining Room

The Red RoomThe Red Room

Christmas BaublesChristmas baubles!

White House Christmas 2015 on Americas-Table.comCandy and nutcrackers in the State Dining Room

White House Christmas 2015 on Americas-Table.comThe view from the Green Room

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