Bloody Good Cupcakes

If you’re planning a slightly twisted, ghoulish Halloween, these cupcakes will draw some delighted gasps. They’re not for the faint of heart, and that’s exactly why I like them. A few days ago, my friend Roxanne came over and we baked these together. Roxanne is a very serious baker. She knows professional techniques and tricks, and has great original ideas, even though baking is not her chosen profession. She is an amateur in the true sense of the word – […]


Sorry I’m Not Sorry

“Sorry I’m not sorry,” while a funny saying on its own, is not a good way to apologize.  It’s a variation on a theme that you see with celebrities and politicians on a regular basis: “Mistakes were made.” or “I’m sorry if what I said hurt some people.”  Those are weasel words, insincere and grudging. A real apology takes skill, sincerity, and a willingness to redress the situation. It’s difficult to apologize, but so important to do it properly. Apologies […]


Salmon Chowder

My friend Lorraine Wallace is a great cook – so good, in fact, that she has two cookbooks to her name, and a third one coming out next year. Her first cookbook, Mr. Sunday’s Soups, refers to her family tradition of making soups on Sundays to accommodate her family member’s busy schedules. Her husband, Chris Wallace, has been the anchor of Fox News Sunday since 2003, and after grilling Washington bigwigs at an early hour on Sundays, he would come […]