Product for Sale?

How can I buy your product? I’m getting lots of questions about how to buy my “product.”  I don’t have an apple orchard and I’m not selling anything.  I just like to share some of the things I’ve learned about cooking and manners and entertaining.  But all these requests are certainly flattering!  I’d like to write a cookbook someday, and maybe then I’ll have a product. If I did sell food products, I would want them to be organic and […]


The Blunt Family’s Peanut Butter Cookies

My mind has been on simple American treats lately, maybe because Halloween is looming, and memories of anticipating the sweets of the holiday linger long after childhood is gone. Peanut butter cookies are another iconic American treat, like the brownie. They are the ubiquitous after-school, post-soccer practice, bake sale, scout meeting, church circle, Halloween party cookie, baked in a flash and brought for others to enjoy. Today’s recipe comes from the Blunt family in Missouri. The Blunts have made a […]


A Singular Brownie- and a Chocolate Giveaway!

There are some recipes that have a beautiful purity about them, free of too many ingredients, instructions, and time spent for a marginal rate of return on flavor.  A brownie is a simple sweet that really only requires two things: chocolate and butter.  Everything else is basic chemistry to hold the two ingredients together.  This recipe came from Roxanne Roberts, the Washington Post’s Reliable Source for many years, and a keen observer and writer of Washington ways.   Roxanne got the […]