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Cheese and Other Heavenly Foods

A cheese plate can be one of the most creative, exciting, and inventive things you can make. Even if you don’t know how to boil water, you can still assemble a mind-blowing cheese plate that will have your friends scraping the cutting board for more. It’s an opportunity to let your food imagination run wild – no more boring cubes of bland cheeses on even-blander crackers! Get crazy with it, try a few new things, and include some of the […]

Matt Wendel’s Superbowl Salsa on

Matt Wendel’s Superbowl Salsa

Can you imagine a Superbowl without salsa and chips? I definitely can’t, and that’s why I’m so excited to have Matt Wendel’s dry-roasted Ancho Chili Salsa recipe to share today. If you read America’s Table regularly, you know that Matt worked for President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush at Camp David, as well as at the Bush ranch in Texas, and he is a wizard of Tex-Mex cooking. For Tex-Mex Thursday (and Superbowl Sunday!) here’s what Matt has to […]


Lyndon Johnson’s Pedernales River Chili

Lyndon Johnson had a good grasp of the perils of the presidency. He once said, “Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm. There’s nothing to do but stand there and take it.” There probably hasn’t been a president who didn’t feel the same way. Johnson’s extraordinary grasp of the art of legislating made him one of the most consequential presidents of modern times. He came into office with a nation in shock and mourning, and presided over […]

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Honey Bourbon Hot Toddy

If America’s Table had a motto, it might be “No Month without a Bourbon Recipe.” We might be overdoing it, but in the depths of miserable weather (and I’m referring to my friends in California), there’s nothing like a hot toddy to calm the nerves and warm the soul. Just the words ‘hot toddy’ sound like something old-fashioned and comforting, a good memory that’s slipped just past our recollection, but something we know we love. This toddy comes from Bon […]

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Oatmeal Souffle

This is an elegant breakfast recipe that I’ve streamlined heavily, because none of us would go to this much trouble – not even for a special birthday breakfast treat – unless it was more user-friendly. Souffles get a bad rap, but they are surprisingly easy: the only trick to a souffle is to beat the egg whites enough to make them rise. Then you’re just mixing up a handful of ingredients that you probably already have at home: oatmeal, milk, […]