Vegetarian Pad Thai

VEGETARIAN PAD THAI It’s time for some clean eating! After too many nibbles on every cookie, cake, nut roll, popcorn ball, and eggnog milkshake that came within reach, my jeans will no longer zip. It was fun while it lasted… So if you’re having a similar post-holiday experience, here’s a recipe that will help get things back on track. This vegetarian Pad Thai recipe is full of crunchy greens, freshly-scrambled eggs, and livened with a tangy squirt of lime juice. […]



BUCKEYES I’ve had occasion to spend lots of time in my home state of Ohio these last few months, and during a recent trip I was reminded of that most mouthwatering of cookies – the Buckeye. It’s a classic peanut butter and chocolate combination which happens to look like a buckeye, or horse chestnut. You’re going to love this cookie if you haven’t tried it, and, if you have, you’re probably remembering how much you always liked them. They couldn’t […]


Cheesy Eggs and Potatoes

Here’s an all-American breakfast to acknowledge a historic week. Inaugurals are like professional football games and the Macy’s Day Parade – better when watched from the comfort of your living room TV. After having experienced more than a few of them, here’s what I know: the weather will be iffy, the crowds are crazy, and traffic in Washington will be gridlocked from today until the 21st. Should you have the day off on the 20th (as Washingtonians do), with no place […]


Tuna Casserole

My husband’s been home with the flu, and I wanted to cook something comforting for him, so I made his favorite tuna casserole. When he was a little boy his mother made tuna casserole in a yellow cast iron pan, a mix of tuna, Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, and a sprinkle of crushed canned onion rings on top. (She wasn’t much of a cook, but he retains fond memories of her tuna casserole.) This casserole is made with fresh […]


Raspberry Yogurt Cake

There’s nothing like a simple cake to round out a casual meal, something you can whip up in between peeling vegetables and tearing up a salad. The batter on this cake is very fine, and the fruity freshness of the raspberries coupled with a zing of lemon makes this an incredibly versatile recipe. You can make these in a muffin tin, a loaf pan, or a simple cake pan. However you shape it, it’s delicious. Please note, this is not […]