Ginger Pancakes and Maple Bacon

Here’s a Christmas morning breakfast to get excited about: a gingery pancake that’s so flavorful you don’t even need syrup or butter, with a side of crispy bacon that splinters into pieces of pure deliciousness after a quick brush of maple syrup to finish it off in the oven. The sugar makes the bacon crumble into shards of savory sweetness that will have you chasing every last morsel. And the aroma of ginger pancakes in the morning! Add some fresh […]

Mustard Sage Pork Shoulder on

Mustard Sage Pork Shoulder

There’s something so satisfying about a tender cut of pork, redolent, juicy, and hot out of the oven. This recipe delivers on all the deep, rich flavors of fall – sage, mustard and a hint of marjoram to keep things interesting. Spoon these scrumptious morsels into a bowl over mashed potatoes or turnips, drizzle a little of the pan juices on top, and settle back on the couch to watch that favorite TV show you’ve been looking forward to all […]


Our Autumnal New Year

This fall is getting away from me, especially with the Jewish holidays falling (no pun intended!) so late this year. We celebrate both Jewish and Christian holidays in our family – as my daughters often say, we are equal-opportunity Holidayists. Here are two classic recipes that we pull out at this time of year – some of our favorite food, and some of our favorite days. I always appreciate the joy of Rosh Hashanah, and the feeling of a fresh […]


Beef and Mushroom Pie

As the acorns pile up on the lawn and the trees begin to turn, it feels like the food we eat should change along with the color of the leaves. It’s time for a hearty meat pie, like this toothsome beef-and-mushroom variety. I love one-dish dinners, and this stick-to-the-ribs meal does involve more prep time than I’m usually willing to do, but you can make them in quantity, freeze them, and have a special treat waiting in the freezer for […]


Glazed Ham with Pickled Apricots

A summer ham is so versatile. It goes seamlessly from Sunday dinner to Monday morning breakfast with eggs, and then maybe a ham sandwich with dill pickles and mustard for lunch. Stone fruits are one of my favorite things about the summer – they remind me of this lazy, easy time of the year and have such versatility. I decided to combine the two: I pickled some apricots as a delicious garnish, as well as pureeing some into a glaze, […]