Open-faced Grilled Cheese with Honey

Open-Faced Grilled Cheese with Honey

I wouldn’t call this a recipe – just another way of making a really delicious grilled cheese. I’m always looking to cut corners on calories, and removing one piece of bread makes me feel like it’s ok to have a grilled cheese. But I like every snack, sandwich, dessert and meal to feel a little special. (Another dieting trick – if you feel satisfied by what you’re eating, it’s easier to stick to a diet.) For example, have you ever […]


Sandwich Suppers

SANDWICH SUPPERS You know those nights when you come home and you’re too tired to cook, but you’re really, really hungry, and you can’t stand the idea of another pizza? If you can muster enough energy to build a sandwich, these two mouthwatering beauties will leave you feeling fat and happy, as they say in the South. I love both of these sandwiches: they have such a rich variety of ingredients that you are never left feeling as if you […]


Laura Bush’s Whole Wheat Pizza

First of all, happy almost-birthday to former first lady Laura Bush. Here’s a recipe she gave me last year that I just love. One of my favorite things about working for Laura Bush was her genuine appreciation for good food, whether it was a perfectly-crusted filet mignon or a crispy, healthy pizza. Her whole wheat pizza is no exception: crunchy crust, classic vegetable toppings, and plenty of gooey cheese.  Whether you want the ultimate veggie pizza for a cozy night […]


Dates, Prosciutto and Pecorino

When melon is no longer in season, and pears have yet to reach their prime – cue the dates! A staple on an autumn cheese plate whose nutty flavor and sweetness cut the saltiness of the prosciutto, this quick salad is substantial and satisfying. Add fresh spinach, a smattering of pecorino, walnuts for a little crunch, and you’ve got a hearty starter salad or an easy-to-assemble dinner. Who doesn’t love a little prosciutto? Serves: 4 as appetizer, 2 as entrée […]


Cherry and Green Onion Salad

Food and Wine magazine is one of my favorite sources of inspiration for new recipes, and last summer they had an intriguing recipe for cherry and onion salad with an Asian fish sauce and vinegar dressing. The fish sauce was strong, but when I tried it with a simple balsamic vinaigrette instead, it allowed the cilantro, cherries, and onions to meld without overwhelming them with additional flavor. I loved it! It reminds me of the mango and black bean salad […]