Laura Bush’s Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie with Whipped Cream

Laura Bush’s Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie with Whipped Cream

I learned a lot about hospitality from Laura Bush.  She understood and exemplified the desire to give every White House guest a memory of a lifetime, and beyond, because each guest’s visit becomes a part of their personal family history.  She thought carefully about every event she hosted: how it could be exceptional, how the food and flowers could in some way reflect the occasion, how the calligraphy honored the attendees – it was a package of small but important details that led to a great party. With the exception of the Christmas party buffets (which had at least one dress rehearsal to make sure every dish was delicious, beautifully presented, and complemented the meal as a whole), we never served the same meal twice.  Every tablecloth, centerpiece, menu card, and meal was unique to that specific event.

Laura Bush knew how to please and impress her guests. She and the President once hosted a lecture for a large group of scholars and historians of Abraham Lincoln, to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. As the event was about to begin, she called me aside and asked me to arrange for guests to be invited to visit the Lincoln Bedroom, which is upstairs in the private family quarters. The Secret Service quickly made the adjustment to escort guests upstairs, because it was not common for a big group to suddenly troop up to the family quarters. For those scholars who’d been studying Lincoln and the Civil War all of their adult lives, it was a singular moment. There were even a few tears at the sight of the Gettysburg Address on display in the Lincoln Bedroom, the only one of five copies signed, dated and titled by Lincoln. They wandered through into the Lincoln Sitting Room, and reluctantly, back down to the party. She gave those people the memory of a lifetime.

Laura Bush was very popular among the White House staff because she always remembered to thank people for the job they were doing. It made them even more loyal and willing to pitch in when things became hectic. She would invite her East Wing staff up to the family dining room on a regular basis for lunch, complete with menucards, lovely centerpieces and careful seating arrangements.  It made me realize how thoughtfulness can be a very potent leadership skill. And another thing about Laura Bush – she never misspoke. Can you think of one other public figure about whom that can be said? Plain-spoken, forthright, and always willing to give another person the benefit of the doubt – also important elements of leadership.  The best bosses are also teachers, who make us better at what we do and how we live.

Today is her birthday, and I want to thank Laura Bush for her service to the nation, and also for the education I received in her employ. And in her honor I’m happy to share her recipe for buttermilk coconut pie. Happy birthday!

Laura Bush's Buttermilk Coconut Pie

Serves: 6
Prep time: 50 minutes


  • 1 unbaked nine-inch pie shell
  • ½ stick melted butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ cup sweetened, shredded coconut, plus ½ cup of toasted coconut for garnish
  • 1/3 cup buttermilk
  • 2 cups whipped cream


  1. Mix butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, coconut and buttermilk, and pour into pie shell.
    Laura Bush's Buttermilk Coconut Pie-batter
    Laura Bush's Buttermilk Coconut Pie filling
  2. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes.
  3. In a dry frying pan set at low heat, toast the coconut until it is golden brown.
  4. Garnish pie with whipped cream, and sprinkle with toasted coconut.
    Laura Bush's Buttermilk Coconut Pie topping
    Laura Bush's Buttermilk Coconut Pie

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  1. Lovely story. Happy Birthday to a true lady, Laura Bush

  2. Teresa Grooms

    I had lost this recipe 30 years ago. Until now I have been unable to find the wonderful Coconut Pie recipe. Thank you so much,

  3. That recipe sounds wonderful. Simple and not a lot of ingredients. I hope yo make it soon. Thank you for sharing this and for the information about the lovely Laura Bush.

  4. Every thing good that could be said about Laura Bush should be said. She
    states her mind without being insulting.
    Happy Birthday!

  5. love it. butter milk pie is my family’

    s favorite. thank you much. sure do miss you all in the White House.

  6. Nancy Hendrix

    Laura Bush was AWESOME as First Lady!!! She is genuine, caring, compassionate and patriotic. A true Role Model.

  7. Deanne Washburn

    Thak you for the recipe. It looks absolutely delicious! Happy Birthday to Laura! You are missed!

  8. I really love the story about Laura and her hospitality. I thought she might have those wonderful ways about her. Thank you for writing I am a new follower and look forward to more of your posts. I can’t wait to make this!


    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to try it!!

  10. Muy delicioso!

  11. Jo Ann Paralusz

    Mrs Bush This looks wonderful I will have to try this~

  12. Annabelle Bailey

    Thank you for this recipe for Texas Buttermilk Coconut Pie. I wail be making it as soon as I shop for the ingredients.

  13. Nadine Snodgrass

    So anxious to try this recipe!

  14. Elva Thompson

    Love reading about Laura, one of my favorite people. Thank you.

    • Ken Galbraith

      Always enjoyed listening to her speak, a real classy lady. She was an exceptional Lady at the White House. Excellent desire to please her fellow Americans. I am Canadian, but follow American politics regularly.

  15. Janie Steffler

    Thank you for this recipe!

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  18. Making this for my husband who loves Coconut cream pie.

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  20. Happy Birthday to a wonderful First Lady.

  21. Sounds amazing…will make it for my daughter. She loves coconut pie, and the recipe must surely be a winner!

  22. Marilee Leach

    My favorite pie in the whole wide world!!!!

  23. Thank you. Your article confirmed my belief that she is a beautiful person inside and out and has great integrity and caring for others. She is a true light in the world. President George Bush is fortunate to have her.

  24. Enjoyed reading about Laura Bush. She was a great First Lady. Really want to try this pie. Thanks for the recipe.

  25. Thank you for sharing. What an honor to have Laura as a teacher/leader/mentor. The details you mention in this post struck me in a new way. I see how I can learn and practice more intentional hospitality to express my care and love for people. I didn’t know about you until Laura posted this on her facebook page. I am thankful for your time at the White House and how you are using it to share with others. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  26. Happy Birthday to the most elegant gracious First Lady we all love!

  27. Julie Matteson

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady, inside and out and a perfect representative for our country.

  28. Debbie Greenwood

    Happy Birthday to the most wonderful a First Lady this country has ever seen!! Love this story but her being so gracious is not a surprise to me! She has always been and always be a lady!!

  29. Wish Laura Bush a Happy Birthday.

  30. Cynthia Gaddis

    Birthday Blessing Laura…

  31. Thank you for the insights into Laura ‘ s service. Of course, she is such a wonderful lady! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Laura.

  32. Happy Birthday, Laura! America is grateful for your classy service as first lady.

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    Happy Birthday to a fine lady

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    Happy Birthday to my favorite First Lady, Laura Bush!

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    Happy birthday Mrs Bush. We miss you and President Bush. Enjoy a lovely day.

  36. I will ask my granddaughter, who loves to cook, to make this at Christmas time when I hope to visit her. She can practice for Thanksgiving.

    My very best birthday wishes to Laura Bush, who is loved by our entire nation!
    Asking God to especially bless your entire family ! Give W a hug n kiss!

  37. Yummm….thank you for sharing.

  38. Happy Birthday Laura Bush. You are such a gracious lady, and you honored us in the White House. I miss seeing more of you these days.

  39. Terrie Thomas

    My husband loves coconut cream pie and this recipe sounds wonderful!

  40. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed seeing you at a Benefit Dinner in South Ga in 2012. Thanks for all you helped our school accomplish . Thanks for sharing this recipe, hope you have a great day!

  41. Carolyn O'Grady

    Laura Bush is a true lady. Such an inspiration for all women.

  42. Laura Bush is a true “lady” who I look up to. I’m so thankful for her grace and composure anytime you see her. She is a great role model for those of us who endeavor to be ladies.

  43. Maureen Cooper

    Thank you posting this recipe. I loved the story, also. It actually brought tears to my eyes.

  44. Louis La Fleur

    I want to try this pie

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    Happy birthday Laura wishing you a blessed day, today is my moms birthday she would have been 78 this is a special day.

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    If it’s good enough for President Bush, then it’s good enough for my husband.

  47. Beautiful story, Beautiful true Lady in so many ways, A Great first Lady
    “Happy Birthday”

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  49. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bush! Hope your day is as lovely as you are.

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    Gotta try this, my mom made this when I was a young boy, I have not had it since. I am now 75 years old. Thanks for posting this recipe..

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  55. Sound delicious, and I loved the story about her . I could tell the way she carried herself she is full of hospitality.

  56. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady, full of grace and humility. And a true fellow Texan! I have always loved homemade coconut pie and am excited to find Laura Bush’s recipe. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you for posting.

  57. Happy Birthday Laura!! You were the epitome of what a First Lady should be. You and Jackie Kennedy, in my opinion. God Bless you!!

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    Happy Birthday Laura Bush! You area true lady!

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    Happy Birthday to the epitome of grace, former First Lady Laura Bush. In her honor, and to my husband’s delight, I am going to make that pie 🙂

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    Always gracious, Laura Bush, have a blessed and happy birthday. Kay

  62. Happy Birthday to a very gracious, and wonderful ‘First Lady’. I look forward to trying your pie recipe. Thank you for sharing. May God bless you with many more birthday celebrations.

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    Happy Birthday Laura from one Texas gal to a find Texas woman of honor! Check out this Facebook link to a song by Pat Green –

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    My favorite pie. Can’t wait to try making it myself. Beautiful tribute to Laura Bush! And, a very happy birthday to her.

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    Thank you for sharing this. Happy Birthday First Lady Laura Bush! You were such a role model to everyone. You are missed. Enjoy your special day 🙂

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    Happy Birthday to a very special, classy lady, Laura Bush. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I’m looking forward to making it very soon.

  67. Ruth Menchaca Sánchez

    Happy Birthday to a very classy lady, Laura Bush.

    After reading the lovely story I was reminded of what Philippians 2:3-5 says: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”

    Thank you Mrs. Laura Bush for your fine example.

  68. J. S. Pearce

    Thanks to Laura Bush for her style and beauty. Treating all with dignity and gracefully going about her job as First Lady . She is the epitome of what a First Lady should be. Oh how we miss her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs. Bush.

  69. Marilyn Craft

    What a Beautiful story about the Lincoln Room. I am very proud to say today is my Birthday also, what a lovely person to share it with. Happy Birthday Laura from Marilyn Craft
    PS The Pie Looks yummy, will try it soon.

    Thank you

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    We love you and George! Miss seeing the honesty and integrity you both had as our former first lady and our Commander and Chief!

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    It looks delicious!

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    Oh, Happy Birthday, Ma’am! People always chat about who they would like to have dinner with, if they could. I have always thought of you and the President. I know it would be an honest, heartfelt conversation with laughter and hope. Thank you for your service to the world, our Nation, and Texas. Very respectfully, Mary Elaine

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    Very gracious First Lady! Would love to meet her some day!

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    I will always regret not attending a Inauguration Ball to which I was invited, thinking I could not afford to go. I was so wrong. It would have been a once in a lifetime event to celebrate with such lovely gracious people.

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  89. Happy Birthday to you Laura Bush, thank you for being such an amazing First Lady…and thank you for sharing this awesome recipe…

  90. Happy Birthday Miss Laura.

  91. Wanda Shreiner

    Happy birthday Laura,
    I hope today is as special as you are my Theta sister.

  92. John R. Greenway

    Happy Birthday from a stout Republican in the State of Washington Hubby says you are a Wonderful Lady, and I agree.

  93. Linda Dugger

    Best Wishes and Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bush! I have always thought of you as a beautiful and sincere lady. I make a buttermilk pie, but it doesn’t have the whip cream and coconut. I plan on making your buttermilk pie recipe:)

  94. You are, and always will be one Classy Lady!! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!!Thepie sounds totally divine!!

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    Happy Birthday to Laura!!! She was
    a wonderful 1st Lady!!! My husband
    is going to love this recipe, coconut
    pie is his favorite.

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    Happy Birthday Ms. Laura Bush!!! You make me Proud to be a Texas lady too!!! Thank You for your service to our Great Nation!!! God Bless You and Yours ;-)!!!

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    Happy Birthday, Mrs Bush! A lovely First Lady.

  101. Happy Birthday wishes to Laura Bush. Even on her birthday, she gracious and gives us the gift of a family recipe. Thank you. You and your husband are setting good examples of what Americans and Christians should be.

  102. Look wonderful and I am going to try it this week. We miss you Miss Laura and Mr. George
    I can see you are having a great life and fun now with out all the pressure. Mr George you were a great president

  103. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bush! You are terribly missed! <3

  104. We lived in Abilene for 7 years until 1972. My friend used to make a chess pie. I think it had coconut in it. I’ll try this recipe. Thank you.

  105. Laurie Tangedahl

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Bush. I was truly honored as an American to have you as my First Lady. Many Blessings to you and your family. I can’t wait to try the recipe!

  106. Yes thank you Laura. You are a true lady and made America proud. Miss you….

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    Happy Birthday to the best First Lady. Admired by many.

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    Looks delicious … Love Coconut Pie, can’t wait to make it and Happy Birthday to a perfect example of a “First Lady”….Thank you to you an President Bush…

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  111. I totally agree with you !!

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    There’s only one thing wrong with your coconut pie!!!!
    I gained five pounds just reading the recipe!!! lol!!!

  113. Sure miss your poise and dignity

  114. Dee Dee McCoy

    Thank you for sharing Laura’s recipe. It sounds delicious and I plan to make it for Thanksgiving. May Laura have a very blessed birthday with her family and friends….and thanks for the wonderful memories… Miss her!!!

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    Laura Bush is a classy lady whom I respect. I will definitely try this recipe.

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    Happy Birthday Laura …You are a First Lady who made all of us feel like we knew you personally…We loved you kind and grateful heart. The example you set was perfect..
    You were also a wonderful wife mother, and daughter in law.. We miss you in the White House.

  125. Yummy looking and I’m Hungry right now.

    • Linda Tullos

      Happy Birthday Laura Bush! I am reminded of you every time I visit Laura Bush Middle School in Lubbock, Texas, which our grandson currently goes and our granddaughter before him.
      You and Barbara are both such precious ladies. And I am glad to say Texans!

  126. This looks good and reminds me of one my mother used to make. Thanks 🙂

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    Marion Davenport

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    Happy Birthday Laura and Thank you for helping our nation. My husband and I used to live in Keller and raised our daughter and son as teenagers there. They are both engineers in Michigan now and I am proud of them!

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  141. I too am from Texas. Love Laura Bush (what a genteel lady) and love coconut cream pie. Cannot wait to try this version. Only mistake I saw in the recipe is “Serves 6”. Not after I have my share it doesn’t!

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    Beautiful story about a beautiful Christian lady. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LAURA BUSH!
    We love you.

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  151. That’s the absolute truth!!!

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    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bush and thank you for being such a wonderful and thoughtful First Lady.

    If only there were more people in politics like you and former President Bush the world would be a much better place

    Your pie looks delicious.

  153. Is the amount of buttermilk correct or should it say 1 1/3 cup buttermilk, 1/3 cup seems very little

    • Hi Barb,
      It is 1/3 of a cup of buttermilk. That sounds like so little, and you can probably see from the photos that this is not a big, thick pie filling. It’s about an inch thick and it doesn’t raise, but the flavor is very, very rich and coconutty. You should put a little sugar in the whipped cream, but not too much, because the sweetness is in the pie itself. Thanks for writing in!

  154. Laura Bush was a real classy First Lady.

  155. She is a class act, Happy, and blessed birthday Mrs. Bush,

  156. beverly pruitt

    Happy birthday laura you truely are a one of a kind wonderful woman and patriot.god bless you and your family.

  157. You are still a beautiful lady, Laura Bush~ I feel you were the best First Lady and President that the USA has ever had. (maybe only one exception) Your Father & Mother ~in~ law) I am 84 and when we were voting on the President Bush, your family, my husband and I gave a 90 year old lady a ride home from voting. She had walked a long ways as her daughter ~ the democrat, wouldn’t take her. I had a picture of her to send Your Mother ~in~law, Barbara, but I never got it sent. Good intentions that fell by the wayside, but I wanted to give Roses to the Mother of the Son whom many came to love so much. Thanks again for all you and your family has taught our Country. I am sure you are all praying for OUR country Now. {by the way} Coconut pie is my favorite. I am anxious to try your recipe. Georgia From virginia

  158. Connie Ferrell

    I am SO happy that I found this!! Laura Bush is my all time favorite first lady! Such class and grace! Thank you for the charming story. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

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    Having company for supper tonight so will make this for dessert in honor of our wonderful former First Lady Laura Bush as she celebrates her 68th birthday! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for recipe, means more that it was from Laura Bush!!! Many more Happy & Healthy Birthdays to a Classy Lady!! Miss you and George Bush!!

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  173. The best First Lady ever. She is a standard for all future First Ladies should aspire to imitate. Gracious to everyone.

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  181. Mrs Bush, I’m not much on cooking but I’m going to get my wife to make this. A buttermilk pie with Texas in front of it and made by our former First Lady Laura Bush has got to be the best ever. Hoping your birthday today is the best ever and you know your still our First Lady. Tell George we miss him! We love ya’ll and wishing you the very best during the upcoming holidays ahead. Will be getting my wife to make this pie for Thanksgiving. God Bless Ya!

  182. Gabriela P. Ganjoor

    Happy Birthday to a Terrific TRUE Lady! You are missed… Blessings your way ALWAYS!!!

  183. Marilyn Brienen

    What a beautiful, classy lady Laura Bush is! My warmest regards to her on her Birthday! And I love coconut cream pie. I will have my husband make this promptly, as I am no baker! I sure miss President and Mrs. Bush in the White House! Happy Birthday, Mrs. Bush!

  184. Barbara L. Morey

    Thank you for the article and you and Laura Bush for the wonderful recipe. You are correct–thoughtfulness is a fine leadership skill. More than any other public figure, Laura Bush displayed that skill along with her compassion for others. I miss her in the White House, but she has not stopped working for others.

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  193. love coconut pie but never had it fixed with buttermilk

  194. Thank you for sharing this recipe and I agree it is an old southern recipe. They always used buttermilk for their recipe’s. My Mom use to tell me buttermilk is milk that was getting ready to be threw away so the olders use to make recipes using this soured milk, LOL Anyway I love having this again and from a lady that I honor and respect along with her husband, Ms Laura I wish you the best Birthday ever…We miss you and George. You were a class act and hard to follow….Thanks for your service Betty Pollard

  195. I hope Former First Lady Laura Bush has a wonderful birthday today. She was a wonderful first lady and is missed. She always had a grace about her and a lot of class. This pie looks delicious and I will definitely give it a try.

  196. Jill Guggisberg

    I loved reading this! How remarkable what you said that she never misspoke! That is truly something! Happy Birthday, Miss Laura. Today is my birthday too!

  197. Laura Bush was a first class lady. She could teach the others many lessons. She represented the White House and our country well.

  198. jeanette lupo

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  284. Barbara & Tom Newman

    When George W. Bush was Govenor of the great state of Txas(yes we voted for you) he toured the Campbell’s Soup plant in Paris, Texas. My husband worked there for 35 years, Govenor Bush allowed a picture to be take of him with my husband, which to this day hangs in our home. After retirement we moved to Navarre, Fl and President Bush came thru town in a bus on his last run for President ( voted for you both times) and we have a picture of you waving out the front window of the bus. The one picture we do not have is one of George W. & laura together, never got close enough to take one of those.There have been two Bush’s in the White House, both have served this great country of our with diginity & never once spoke out of both sides of their mouths. Barbara & Laura both are the two best First Ladies we have ever had. We wish you a very happy Birthay Mrs. Bush and hope you Mr. Bush spend many more years together and enjoying that beautiful grandbaby. God Bless you and may his Angels always look over you.

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  305. Wish I took the opportunity to meet you and the president when I was invited to the inauguration. Regretted it every day. Happy Birthday Mrs. Bush and if I ever get the opportunity of a lifetime again I will not pass it up. Thank you and Mr. Bush for the Christmas cards. I can’t wait to savor this pie.

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    We love coconut pie so I can’t wait to try this one. Thank you
    Brenda Abernathy wife of LTC(R) Robert Glenn Abernathy

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  327. And I believe, she was always proud of her country. Personally, she seemed approachable, no agenda, just open to all people with a genuine understanding on family issues.

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  332. This is going to be the surprise dessert I make for Thanksgiving, I always make one for my 5 sisters…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a true example of what a first lady should be…. Have a wonderful year, Laura

  333. This is going to be the surprise dessert I make for Thanksgiving, I always make one for my 5 sisters…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a true example of what a first lady should be…. Have a wonderful year, Laura

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    many more birthdays to come Ms. Laura and may God bless you and your family.

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  359. judy Saunders

    Happy birthday to a very lovely southern lady!

  360. Happy belated birthday- history connects us- September 11th and my 2nd grader at the time in northern VA- who with tears in hers big beautiful eyes questioned her aviator dad- who promised her the worst thing that could happen in his next set of orders was a paper cut- after the day that changed the world- so believed in George W- quote from a military child who’s dad was in the pentagon command center – “momma- George Bush is a good man” That say’s it all- you and your family are well regarded and respected in our home- thank you for your service.

  361. I love coconut pie, and I admired Barbara Bush very much, so …. thanks very much Ms Laura, for a wonderful eight years and for the recipe for dessert I really love.

  362. I’m sick that I did not visit Washington D.C. while the Bush’s were there-that would have been a great moment in our family history as well. This lovely article and this wonderful recipe!
    Susan Swaim

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  374. I love and miss Laura Bush so much!! What a great lady and what a great family!!! Thank you Laura, for this awesome recipe….I will make it for Thanksgiving! :o)

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    Happy Birthday to a wonderful wife!
    Happy Birthday to a great Mother !
    Happy Birthday to a loving Gramma!
    Happy Birthday to a Teacher !
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    Happy Birthday to America’s Example !
    May you live on in the heart of all Mothers!
    Happy Birthday Filled with many Happy Tomorrow’s .

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  382. Thank you for this post and a little peek into the real person of Laura Bush. I have nothing but respect for this genuine lady! A different Spirit is evident. Bless you Laura Bush!

  383. I enjoyed reading a small bit you shared of Life at the White House with Ms. Laura Bush. It is so amazing that she is a “woman of beauty” and we Americans were able to have her for a short while as “Our” First Lady…. Thank you for the recipe! It would be wonderful to have a cookbook of her “favorites” while she served…..

  384. Esther McCormack

    Thank you for sharing this “special” pie recipe! Laura Bush is a very “special” person…a very good example to follow.

  385. Mrs. Bush exemplified the “Lady” in First Lady. She always conducted herself with grace and dignity. She is missed very much today.

  386. I always thought Laura Bush epitomized the definition of a true lady in public. Now I know that must have extended to all around her. I am afraid she is the last of a dying breed. Young people today don’t see the need for the gracious manners of her and a few of my generation.

  387. I will be making for Thanksgiving.

  388. Mrs. Bush I want to thank you and your husband for all the years in the White House, Wishing your family a Happy Thanksgiving, GOD Bless everyone and GOD Bless America. HUGS and LOVE

  389. Happy Birthday to a most wonderful first lady. Have a blessed day.

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    Happy Birthday to a wonderful First Lady, Laura Bush. God Bless You and God Bless America. Phyllis & Bob Harris from Durham, NC

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  394. Bammie Cooper

    That looks so good. I love buttermilk pie and basically you just add 1/2 cup coconut to a pie.

  395. Deronda Smith

    A fabulous TY for sharing your wonderful memories as an employee at the White House & honoring Laura Bush’s birthday by teaching the rest of us how to make her TEXAS BUTTERMILK COCONUT PIE w/ WHIPPED CREAM…YUMMY!! -Deronda 🙂

  396. DelliaJoann VanScyoc

    Laura Bush graced the White House with respect & dignity. I hope she has had a delightful birthday. Thanks for this opportunity to send well wishes.

  397. Will definitely make this because it sounds great and to Honour you and pres. Bush. We love you, we are a military family. Served under Daddy Bush and W. That was when commander-in-chief meant a hell of a lot to us. We proudly served and knew why you made the decisions you did. Many best wishes, for joy, peace and love in your family. We LOVE you and THANK you!!!

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  403. Happy Birthday Mrs Laura Bush From all of us on Lake Livingston Texas

  404. I have friends in Midland/Odessa TX who tell me that Mrs. Bush has always been generous and thoughtful. I join many others to wish her a happy birthday, and a long life of goodness.

  405. carlene posey

    Happy Birthday Laura! Can’t to try your pie recipe.

  406. Happy Birthday to a very special lady! My husband and I recently went to the Bush Library in Dallas at SMU. What an inspiring presidential museum. It is the best one we have seen since visiting his father’s library in College Station. Both families are a class act. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  407. I am sorry I am late in wishing a Happy Birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day. I am anxious to try your pie. I love to bake

  408. Truly a wonderful lady! The Bush family are honorable and loyal to our country! Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  409. Theresa Smiley

    Thank you so much for this recipe from the loveliest First Lady this country has ever had! I am so happy to have found this blog but wish that you & Mrs. Bush would do a book about White House entertaining.

  410. Sharon Drake

    She is one classy lady.
    I hope her birthday is grand.

  411. I made this for our family reunion and it was such a hit it was gone in five minutes! Delicious!!

  412. David Maskell

    Anything Laura cooks has got to be divine.Thank you for your receipe

  413. A beautiful tribute to such a wonderful first lady. She was and is loved by many. Thank you for sharing some of her wonderful feelings to her staff. This speaks highly of her. Happy Birthday Barbara.

  414. What kind of whipped cream. Do you whip it yourself – do you sweeten it? Do you use cool whip?

    • You can use whatever form of whipped cream you prefer. If you want to make whipped cream from scratch, whip a cup of cream and one tablespoon of sugar until stiff peaks form, and serve. It will whip more quickly if the mixing bowl and beaters have been refrigerated first. I put the whipped cream into a pastry bag and piped it on, but it also looks beautiful to mound soft peaks of whipped cream on the pie.

  415. Happy Birthday to a very beautiful and gracious first lady. We were so proud of you and George. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’m anxious to make it for my husband who is gone on a hunting trip and will return on my birthday, Nov. 19th. Coconut is his favorite pie.

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  417. I made two of these pies last week. They were fantastic. My wife wants me to make some more for dinner tomorrow. I just hope the grandkids enjoy them as much as we do.

  418. Just put another pie like this in the oven for tomorrow!! Yum it is so good!!! Doesn’t need
    2 cups of whip cream on it so just going to put 1 cup this time. Excellent pie, Laura, just like

  419. LuAnn Herkstroeter

    Mz Laura is a true Lady in every sense of the word. My family admires her so much. I am honored to be able to try a recipe of hers!

  420. Made it for Thanksgiving… Delicious and gone!

  421. Patricia LaPointe

    I agree Sue

  422. I made this pie for Thanksgiving this year – it was such a hit that I’m making it again for Christmas. Incredibly easy to make and delicious. This pie is as sweet and down home as Mrs. Bush. I made my own whipped cream and pie crust to keep its authenticity.

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    • So glad you liked it! Thanks for the tip about the butter – and thanks for the link! If you’re a busy mom, you might like my post for baked oatmeal, or last week’s hot and cold chia breakfast puddings. All the best, Lea

  424. This was my first try making a coconut pie. My family loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe. 🙂
    I did a blog post about it at if you’d like to see.

    • I did see your blog, and thank you so much! I like your approach to ‘Momdom’ – very accessible and loving. And I like your recipes because they are do-able. It’s always fun to see the amazingly complicated things people do with food, and sometimes it’s fun to do things like that, but I don’t think people are likely to try a recipe if it takes hours of effort and lots of elaborate ingredients. A mom can look at your blog and think, “Hey, I can do this today!” Thanks for writing in! Best, Lea

  425. Goin to make this.yum yum yum

  426. This pie is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Thank you Laura Bush, for sharing such a simply delicious recipe. My husband has made it several times. I’m going to try it tonight for a work event tomorrow.

    To those who felt compelled to comment negatively about other First Ladies, my guess is Mrs. Bush does not appreciate your lack of class. Perhaps you need a lesson in classy behavior.

  427. Bevelyn Blair

    Excited to see this recipe and look forward to making and serving it!

  428. Katherine Perry

    Laura Bush was, and still is, a gracious First Lady.
    She loved her country and made us all proud
    that she was representing The United States of
    I am excited to try her recipe for buttermilk coconut pie.
    Happy Birthday, Laura Bush. God bless you!

  429. She is a very classy lady.

  430. Heather Wright

    Thank You so very much for this receipe!!
    Laura Bush is both classy and thoughtful to make each occasion a special one for her guests.


    Looks really delicious. I have to try it.

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  434. I’d like to see more of Laura Bush’s recipes

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