Lobster Kebabs

Are you ready to kick off the first long weekend of summer with drinks al fresco and beachside snacks? These lobster kebabs are a clambake on a stick – all the flavors of a beach picnic, grilled to perfection and lashed with melted butter. This isn’t so much a recipe as a method of assembly; some of the ingredients need to be cooked first, skewered, and then dropped on the grill just long enough for grill marks to form. It’s […]


Tuna Casserole

My husband’s been home with the flu, and I wanted to cook something comforting for him, so I made his favorite tuna casserole. When he was a little boy his mother made tuna casserole in a yellow cast iron pan, a mix of tuna, Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, and a sprinkle of crushed canned onion rings on top. (She wasn’t much of a cook, but he retains fond memories of her tuna casserole.) This casserole is made with fresh […]


Weekend Sammies

I love a good Saturday afternoon sandwich, something unique and savory to wake up the taste buds and fortify myself for the afternoon. Have I mentioned that we just moved after 16 years in the same house? What a job to pack up all those memories; I admit there were some teary moments in the attic, finding old doll carriages under the eaves and dusty first-grade art projects. Now it’s on to really moving in to the new old house. […]


Fried Oyster Sandwiches and Pickled French Fries

Boardwalk food. Just the words conjure sea breezes and special summertime feasts available only at seaside locales. Saltwater taffy, fried oysters or Ipswich clams, crinkly fries flecked with sea salt. This recipe for fried oyster sandwiches, or po’ boys, as they’re known in the South, has a distinctive and delicious Asian twist, served with kimchee and a hearty helping of pickled French fries. (If you like salt and vinegar chips, you’re going to LOVE these fries.) And if you’re going […]


Nelly’s Fish and Chips

I thought I knew about fish and chips – crisped on the outside, warm and flaky inside, thick chips littered with salt and a splash of vinegar – but this version is different and delightful. The recipe is from Nelly Salvacion, the best Asian chef I know, and it has a totally different set of flavors; the chickpea batter is tasty and light, and the mint, yogurt, cilantro, and lime dip gives it a completely different culinary context. She quick-fries […]